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Burn injury victims throughout Connecticut come to us dealing with physical pain and emotional trauma. Our experienced accident lawyers will spend time with you and your family members, educating you on the process and the options you have.  We have successfully assisted many Connecticut fire victims.  Let us help you determine if you have a case.  You are under no obligation.  We are here to help you and your family.  Call us today.

Experienced CT trial lawyers representing burn injury victims

Fires can not only cause significant property damage, but also catastrophic and potentially fatal burn injuries. What initially seemed like an accidental fire can be traced to negligent and inattentive acts by a property owner or utility company, who should bear liability for fire-related harms.

Owners of apartment complexes must adhere to strict standards of safety for their tenants. When they ignore electrical problems or other defects, fires break out, resulting in more than one victim of the fire and subsequent burn injuries. Utility companies responsible for installing and grounding gas lines should be attending to every detail. The smallest oversight can have catastrophic consequences.

Death Caused by Fire

Victims suffering physical and psychological scarring and families grieving a wrongful death need a legal voice.  We will speak on your behalf in the pursuit of justice and attempt to maximum compensation.

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